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Jason Bourne is an assassin, a spy, & an all American Hero. Originally trained by an un-official CIA black ops unit, Treadstone, Bourne was their most efficient & deadly agent, successful on every mission he had been assigned until he aborts his last mission, questioning the morality of his orders.

Injured while escaping Bourne loses his memory, forgetting who he is & what he has become. Jason wants to remember his past & put it behind him, but with so many secrets, so many unsanctioned assassinations to his name, Jason Bourne himself becomes the target of Treadstone, and so begins the trilogy of action packed Jason Bourne movies.

Noted for their strong character based storylines, the Jason Bourne films are famed for their incredible fight scenes, packed with fast, furious, & deadly hand to hand combat, with the gritty & down to Earth Bournes ingenious improvisation of everyday objects into lethal weapons a refreshing change to the gadget packed James Bond laser beam watches & ejector seat cars!

The Jason Bourne Trilogy is also memorable for some of the best car chase footage ever filmed, & he does it in a mini rather than an Aston Martin!

Please enjoy browing our Jason Bourne website, you can find a lot of information on Jason Bourne, Treadstone, the movies (The Bourne Identity, Bourne ultimatum, and Bourne Supremacy), Jason Bourne books, the characters, & lots more!

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Improvised Weapons

Whether its a Biro pen, a magazine, or even a book, Jason Bourne can turn it into a deadly weapon in the blink of an eye!

This ability to improvise & use everyday objects as lethal weapons is one of the most impressive aspects of the Jason Bourne movies, and we have listed his ingenius arsenal on our improvised weapons page.